ABP UK | Aggregate Testing
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Aggregate Testing

Aggregate Testing

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After lots of hard work and some original research, we are now accredited by UKAS to analyse construction aggregate for asbestos. We are one of only a handful of laboratories in the country to be able to offer this service. Analysis includes searching for asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and loose fibres and bundles. 


What is Aggregate?


Aggregate is a broad category of materials used in the construction industry. It is usually coarse or bulky particulate material made up of crushed rock, ballast or recycled concrete. Often there is a fine sandy or soily material mixed in. The material can become contaminated with asbestos through the materials used to make it up, or from its use or location.


Our Method


The method developed by us means we can detect asbestos fibres to below 0.001% by weight. We are able to analyse samples and report the results within 24 hours of receipt.


If you have aggregate materials you require analysing, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to offer advice on the sampling regime which should be used, and the sample sizes required. We can also visit site to sample the material so impartiality can be demonstrated (or if you’d rather not do it yourself).