ABP UK | Asbestos in Soils
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ABP Associates offers a range of technical services to support the development of brownfield land contaminated with asbestos.  We have experience in soils investigations for local authorities, private landowners, universities, the rail industry and brownfield sites developers. Our aim is to provide a bespoke service that is pragmatic and cost-effective to meet the regulatory requirements of developing land contaminated with asbestos.

Asbestos in soils

  • Develop and deliver a site investigation strategy to determine the presence of asbestos contamination.
  • Conduct asbestos in soils site investigation involving trial pits or window sampling techniques, sampling and watching brief.
  • Asbestos in soils analysis by our own laboratory based in Southampton. UKAS accredited for qualitative analysis.  In-house method fully validated method for quantitative analysis* is conducted outside the scope of our accreditation.
  • Interpretation of the results leading to the development of a remediation strategy for the site.
  • Air monitoring during groundworks including perimeter, activity-based and personal monitoring.
  • Watching brief during soil disturbance.
  • Detailed interpretative report.


Other tests we offer

  • Dust monitoring as part of the environmental management plan for the site to meet permitting requirements.
  • Sampling for Waste classification testing (WAC) for analysis by an approved laboratory.



  • Bespoke asbestos in soils training including asbestos awareness, non-licensed asbestos removal.
  • BOHS P408 The Identification and Quantification of Asbestos in Soils using PLM and PCM.


Note:* It is not a legal requirement in the UK to be accredited by UKAS for quantitative analysis of asbestos in soils.