ABP UK | Covid-19
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We have risk-assessed our workplace and all of our working procedures in order to keep our staff, contractors, visitors, students, and clients safe and well. All staff and contractors are given the training to ensure they understand the new way of working regarding Covid-19 prior to returning to work. Our Covid-19 risk assessments have been conducted in accordance with government guidance and are continually reviewed and updated as required. These are available on request.


We are working with a mixture of office and remote workers, our laboratory staff have returned to full capacity and our surveyors and analysts are back on site. Our training centre is providing face to face training, limited to 6 delegates per course in order to maintain the 2metre social distancing requirements.

We continue to talk to our clients to ensure we understand their needs and consequently provide the resources necessary to undertake our works safely.

We are confident that we can work with this new risk of Covid-19 as we do with other risks – it must be managed and government guidance adhered to.


Stay safe, we are all in this together.