ABP UK | P: Non Licensable Asbestos Removal in Soils
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Non-Licensable Asbestos Removal In Soils Training Objectives


Course  Objective:


In addition to the ‘asbestos awareness – soils’, all those employees whose work will foreseeably or knowingly disturb soil and C&D materials contaminated by asbestos, and which is defined as non-licensable work (NLW) or (NNLW), should receive additional task-specific information, instruction and training.  ALL delegates must complete the Soils – Asbestos Awareness course prior to attending this course.


Aim: For employees to undertake non-licensable asbestos removal from soil and construction and demolition materials.


Topics Covered:


  • The differences in potential exposures from asbestos in soil and C&D materials as compared to ACMs in buildings;
  • Groundwork site operations which could result in asbestos exposure and the importance of preventive controls to minimise exposure;
  • Suitable and sufficient assessments of the risk of exposure to asbestos;
  • Control limits and the purpose of air monitoring;
  • Safe work practices, control measures and protective equipment;
  • Procedures for recording, reporting and correcting defects;
  • Purpose, choice and correct selection of suitable RPE;
  • Correct use and where relevant, cleaning, maintenance and safe storage of RPE and PPE;
  • Achieving and maintaining a good seal between face and RPE;
  • Hygiene requirements;
  • Requirements and procedures for medical examination (NNLW) and health surveillance;
  • Decontamination procedures;
  • Waste handling procedures;
  • Emergency procedures;
  • Which work requires notification as NNLW or HSE licence;
  • Introduction to relevant regulations, ACoP, best practice and boundary testing on site;
  • Personal sampling; and
  • Other work hazards.


We recommend that face fit testing is booked at the same time as this training course due to the legal requirements for working with asbestos.


Course Duration : 1 day


Refresher course needed annually.


Refresher Course


Non-licensed contractors require refresher training at least annually according to the HSE. As the training does not need to be from scratch, we can tailor the course to the employees’ roles and needs.