ABP UK | Non-Licensable Asbestos Removal
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Non-Licensable Asbestos Removal

Not all asbestos removals works require a license. The Health and Safety Executive provides guidance via the Asbestos Essentials Task Sheets (Task Manual). These task sheets tell employers, managers, operatives and sole traders what to do when they need to work on or near Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). They help you to decide what category of asbestos work it is and how to plan the work safely. The task sheets cover work that does not need a licence if carried out as the sheets describe. Each sheet describes what equipment is required for a particular task and covers the action needed to reduce exposure to an adequate level. Although non-licensable jobs are usually small, it is important that the operatives have the correct training and understand their Task Manual as well as having the appropriate safety equipment. At ABP we have a small team of operatives trained to carry out non-licensable works. They are friendly and often help to train others to do the same job, so our clients can be assured they know their Task Manual inside out. We are not limited to removing asbestos; we can also encapsulate the material to prevent it from being disturbed.
If you are interested in finding out more about our non-licensable asbestos removal services please call our office on 02380 528571 or email info@abp.uk.com. ABP can also offer non-licensable asbestos removal training – please contact training@abp.uk.com for further details.