ABP UK | P: Non Licensable Works
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Task Manual Training Objectives

This one-day course is aimed at workers in the construction, maintenance, refurbishment and related trades, who may work with asbestos containing materials. The course includes information on the non-licensed Task Manual published by the HSE, and practical exercises.

Topics Covered:

 The topics covered include Asbestos Essentials: Task Manual (HSG210) for building, maintenance and allied trades on non-licensed asbestos work.

In order to attend this course you must have completed an Asbestos Awareness Course and present your (valid) certificate beforehand.

We recommend that face fit testing is booked at the same time as this training course due to the legal requirements for working with asbestos.

Refresher Course

Non-licensed contractors require refresher training at least annually according to the HSE. As the training does not need to be from scratch, we can tailor the course to the employees’ roles and needs.

Course Dates:

To take a look at Course Dates and to Book, click here.