ABP UK | P: P405
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P405: The Management of Asbestos in Buildings


The P405 proficiency module aims to provide the practical knowledge and skills to manage asbestos in buildings. Candidates should have a sound knowledge base to audit asbestos removal projects by the end of the course.

The course is taught over three days. The theoretical and practical exams are held on the fourth day.

Candidates are expected to be aware of the contents of The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. Regulation 4 and the supporting Approved Code of Practice L127 are frequently referred to.

Course Dates:

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Topics Covered

  • Legislation
  • What is Asbestos?
  • Management of Asbestos in Buildings
  • Surveys and Risk Assessments
  • Working with Asbestos
  • Asbestos Remediation
  • Air Sampling and the Role of the Laboratory and Analyst
  • Practical Work


During the course candidates can expect to visit our laboratory for a close up look at asbestos products. A bulk analyst will be on hand to show the differences between materials. Air testing and analysis will be demonstrated. There will also be a role-playing exercise during a mock-up four stage clearance complete with enclosure, NPU, decontamination unit and an air testing analyst.

The full BOHS P405 syllabus is available to view here.