ABP UK | Sample Testing
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Sample Testing

Sample Testing

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Bulk Analysis


Analysis of asbestos in bulk samples is a routine test which is carried out in the UKAS approved Jean Prentice Laboratory at ABP.



Our team of P401 qualified analysts use an internationally recognised and UKAS accredited method to determine which, if any, of the six asbestos types, are present. Asbestos can be detected in concentrations of 1 part per million in most bulk samples. The test is qualitative, which means that we are unable to give an estimate of the amount of asbestos in the sample.


All of our analysts are highly trained, friendly and professional.


Samples can be delivered in person to our laboratory* or collected by our surveyors. We welcome samples from anyone; private or commercial so long as they are sealed and double bagged in clear sample bags. If you have any samples you need urgently analysed, we offer a walk-in service and can offer a cup of tea while you wait.


*Under no circumstances should samples be sent in the post


For more information please call our office on 02380 528571 or email: info@abp.uk.com