ABP UK | Soil Testing
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Soil Testing

Soil Testing

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We are accredited by UKAS to analyse soil samples for the presence of asbestos. Analysis includes locating asbestos containing materials (ACMs) and identifying loose fibres and bundles within the sample.



What is Soil?


Soil is the top layer of the Earth’s surface. It is made up of particles eroded from rocks, organic matter in all stages of decomposition, air and water. According to the British Society of Soil Science, Britain has more than 1800 different types of soil.


Asbestos in Soil


Asbestos may be found in soil for a number of reasons. The land around factories where products containing asbestos were manufactured may have become contaminated. Occasionally when ACMs were removed from buildings in the past, the ACMs were not always disposed of responsibly.


However the asbestos came to be in soil, it is important to understand and manage the problem. As soil dries out it becomes more likely that asbestos fibres will become airborne.


Our Method


The method used to locate and identify asbestos in soils has been developed wholly by ABP. It does involve gentle heating to dry the sample if it arrives wet, so please ensure that testing for VOCs has either been carried out first or is a separate sample from the same location.


Currently, the laboratory is voluntarily participating in the Asbestos in Soils Scheme, run by the Health & Safety Laboratory.


If you have soil samples you require analysing for the presence of asbestos, please contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to offer advice on the sampling regime which should be used, and the sample sizes required. We can also visit site to sample the material so impartiality can be demonstrated (or if you’d rather not do it yourself). We offer a quantitative service on request, however this is outside the scope of our accreditation.