ABP UK | Water Absorption Testing
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Water Absorption Testing

Water Absorption Testing

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ABP Associates are accredited to carry out water absorption testing on asbestos-containing materials. The test is carried out to confirm if materials are licensable or non-licensable for asbestos removal.As the asbestos fibres are mostly firmly bound into a cement matrix they are not readily made airborne, this means work with asbestos cement does not pose the same risks as work with the asbestos insulating board. Works with asbestos cement do not normally need to be licensed or notified.ABP Associates offer clients the following options:


i.         Water absorption testing only on samples

ii.         Water absorption testing on samples with bulk analysis.


For a water absorption test to be carried out the sample size needs to be a minimum of 3 x 3 cm (9cm²). If possible a separate sample should be sent if bulk analysis is also required.