ABP UK | Air Testing
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Air Testing

Clearance Testing and Air Sampling

Air testing can be carried out for a number of reasons, outlined below. At ABP we are able to carry out air testing or clearance testing and report the results on the same day.


Air Sampling



Reassurance testing is conducted to put people’s minds at ease. Usually, it is carried out when asbestos is being removed in another part of a building. It lets people nearby know that they are safe from exposure to asbestos.


Background testing measures the amount of fibres in the air on a normal day, for example when there are no removals works being carried out but it is known that asbestos is present in a building.


Personal air sampling is carried out to ensure compliance with RPE regulations. It demonstrates that safe working practices are being followed. The air is sampled using a portable pump worn by an individual near their breathing zone.


Clearance Testing


When asbestos removals works have been completed, a certificate of reoccupation is required to prove that the area is safe. A four-stage clearance procedure is followed in order to issue the certificate.

Stage 1

Check for job completeness: the site and paperwork is inspected to ensure set-up is correct and matches the plan of works and notification form submitted to the HSE. The enclosure is not entered at this point.

Stage 2

Thorough visual inspection: the inside of the enclosure is checked to ensure all asbestos has been removed as per the plan of works. The inspection includes looking for any asbestos debris.

Stage 3

The air test: when the analyst is satisfied that the area is clean and tidy, they will run the air test inside the enclosure. The number of samples taken depends on the size of the area. All surfaces are brushed down to ensure no fibres remain.

Stage 4

Assessment of site for reoccupation: the site is checked for cleanliness again once the enclosure has been dismantled.

UKAS 4494