ABP UK | Modern Slavery Act 2015
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Modern Slavery Act 2015

Slavery and Human Trafficking – STATEMENT


Modern Slavery Act 2015 – Although ABP Associates do not meet the requirements in the Act, by having a turnover of less than £36m, we still choose to voluntarily produce a “Slavery and Human Trafficking statement”.


The purpose of this statement is to provide assurance to our customers, subcontractors and suppliers that the management team at ABP Associates Ltd (ABP) recognise the need to addressmodern slavery and labour exploitation in the company’s own operations and in its supply chain.


Our aim is to embed this policy relating to tackling the threat of modern slavery and exploitation across our business and to ensure all our staff have 100% awareness of the risk of modern slavery, human trafficking and exploitation.




All staff, and in particular staff who are responsible for recruitment and payroll are trained in how to recognise modern slavery and what to do if they suspect its presence. For example, victims of Modern Slavery could demonstrate any one of the following signs:


  •   Dependence
  •   Behaviour
  •   Accommodation
  •   Finances
  •   AppearanceOur in-house communications provide all staff with relevant information. This includes the display of various Modern Slavery Helpline details including the Modern Slavery Helpline for “Unseen” that victims, employers and members of the public who may encounter modern slavery can call for expert support and advice. This information is published on all notice boards and provided during staff training which is given to ensure 100% awareness.


    Suppliers and Subcontractors


    Due to the nature of our business and the level of training, qualifications, competency and experience required to carry out the job, we determine that the greatest likelihood of slavery is within our supply chain and sub-contractors.


    The use of a pre-qualification questionnaire which is to be completed prior to engagement with any sub-contractors or suppliers we can monitor their policies, assess the risk and move towards prevention of modern slavery and labour exploitation in our own operations, our use of subcontractors and within our supply chain.


    ABP Associates recognise that it is our own responsibility to be active in the implementation of new ways to defend against, and expose anyone or organisation found guilty of slavery and human trafficking.


    Richard Pomeroy Managing Director March 2017